Contact us

To enquire about storage please complete the form opposit, or contact the office on:

Telephone: 01763 261 620
Mobile: 07936 018 185

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 – 16:00
Saturdays 9:00 – 12:00 (by appointment)

When storing a caravan or motorhome with us we also ask for.

  • Photograph ID along with a current utility bill
  • Copy of the caravan or motorhome insurance
  • CRIS Number
  • Details of tow vehicle.
  • We also ask that all caravans be fitted with wheel clamps and hitchlocks.

Please click here for our site rules.



Site Rules

The following rules apply to everyone using our caravan storage site.

  • All Caravans and Motorhomes MUST be insured. We do not provide insurance for any vehicles on site.
  • All Caravans must have a hitch lock and wheel clamp fitted as standard and as per the insurance companies requirements.
  • Caravans must be parked central to the storage plot and always within the allocated plot number.
  • All corner steadies MUST be wound down to ensure the caravan is level and for extra security.
  • Bricks or blocks must be piled up in centre of plot when van is away so as to avoid damaging the mower during routine grass cutting.
  • Any changes in registration or towing vehicle MUST be declared to site office.
  • Dogs MUST be kept under control at all times and any mess MUST be cleared up by the owner.
  • Children MUST be supervised at all times whilst on site.
  • All litter MUST be taken off site.
  • All caravan owners MUST inform the site owner when the caravan will be off site
  • Please observe the site speed limit of 5 mph
  • Only one car through the gates at a time, please be aware of cars following you onto site.
  • Gate codes must not be shared with anyone else. Any trades people must be accompanied whilst on site.
  • Caravans may not be sold from the site.